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Why CTV Advertising Needs Podding: A Q&A With Frank Sinton

Connected TV

Connected TVs have become mainstay devices across the U.S., and as a result, CTV advertising is ballooning into a multi-billion dollar industry. However, as media buyers increasingly shift ad dollars from traditional TV to CTV, there is a pressing need to upgrade the underlying ad tech being used in this premium environment. 

Recently, our President and Founder, Frank Sinton, sat down with TV[R]ev to discuss the CTV advertising landscape in detail — including the current state of CTV ad tech, where the pressing opportunities and challenges lie, and Beachfront’s focus on bringing smart podding to CTV.

Some notable excerpts include:

Q: How would you describe the current state of CTV ad tech?

A: "CTV ad tech is in need of a change. If you look at the current ad tech infrastructure and how it was built for video over the past 12 years, we’re in a state where we’re using a lot of the same infrastructure that we used for desktop and mobile web."

Q: How is 1.0 web ad tech a detriment to podding?

A: "It’s being used fairly ineffectively. We need to change the way we transact connected TV. If you look at connected TV as an extension of TV, rather than an extension of digital, you’ll start to understand why. The rule of TV buying, programming and positioning within pods — those are not done today in the digital world."

Q: Why does CTV advertising need podding?

A: "It needs smart podding. CTV continues to be 'dumb' slot-based podding, which is why we see the same advertising presented during programs over and over again."

Q: Is the user experience being overlooked in CTV?

A: "It’s important for brands to be asking questions about the user experience, and how their brand is being seen from the realm of connected TV. What are the controls being placed on the likes of frequency capping and competitive separation?"

Head over to TV[R]ev to check out the full interview with Frank:  

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