Enabling Real-Time Video Advertising Across All Screens

Beachfront is at the convergence of digital video and traditional TV, providing technology solutions to help publishers and advertisers unlock the value of video across mobile, desktop, OTT and set-top-box VOD. 

TV Inventory, 

Real-Time Delivery

Industry-first set-top-box VOD and OTT inventory delivered in real time

Agile Technology,

Customizable Solutions

Tech-first, nimble approach enables customization to solve unique buying and selling needs

Full Transparency,

Granular Analytics

Granular, bid-level analytics in a real-time interface drives complete transparency for buyers and sellers

Beachfront is a video ad management platform for media and advertisers. We are the trusted source for transparent buying and selling of premium video inventory, and the only real-time solution for set-top box VOD and OTT.

For Publishers

Providing Modern Ad
Decisioning To Unlock Revenue

Beachfront delivers agile, real-time video automation technology for leading cable companies, broadcasters, streaming platforms and digital publishers. Our customizable platform allows you to deliver unique, premium cross-screen inventory to your advertising partners.

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Abstract TV antenae

For Advertisers

Enabling Efficient Advertising
Automation To Drive ROI

Beachfront empowers ad buyers, trading desks, agencies and brands to purchase premium video inventory in real time across all screens. Holistic buying and uniform analytics enable a single source of truth across publishers and screens.

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The Future of OTT Blog Post

From the Beachfront Blog

The Future of OTT: Fraud Detection, Addressable Advertising And Real-Time Audience Enrichment

We are currently in the midst of an OTT stampede, with advertisers rushing to technology platforms to connect with consumers in a meaningful way. And is it really a surprise? OTT offers advertisers the precision targeting capabilities of digital on the TV screen, personalized ad experiences and real-time campaign optimization, with the potential for innovative ad format distribution at scale in the not-so-distant future.

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