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Plan, Curate, & Activate CTV PMPs

With Select, you can easily onboard and build target audiences, develop media plans with accurate forecasts, and move swiftly to campaign activation via integrations with leading DSPs. See how:


Audience Manager


Upload, Build, & Manage Audiences

Onboard proprietary first-party data or use preloaded third-party segments from providers like Audigent and LiveRamp to create highly-relevant target audiences.
Planning & Forecasting


Create Plans & Forecast Reach

Apply key deal targeting parameters, including data segments, platform, and geography. Then, easily forecast, understand, and package your reach. 
Premium CTV Supply


Curate Premium CTV Inventory

Tap into Beachfront’s expansive portfolio of directly-sourced, premium CTV and video inventory to create high-quality PMPs.
DSPs - GOOG + Roku


Push Deals to Leading DSPs

Seamlessly transition from planning to activation by pushing deals to your DSP of choice, such as the Trade Desk or Google DV 360. 

Why Beachfront Select?

Proprietary data owners and agencies choose Beachfront Select to gain more efficient, strategic control over their CTV advertising strategies.


Fully Self-Service Platform

Beachfront Select is fully self-service, allowing you to curate and activate data-enabled CTV deals whenever you like.

Premium CTV Supply

Premium CTV Supply

A CTV-first platform, Select provides direct connections into Beachfront’s vast portfolio of premium CTV inventory.

Log-Level Data

Unrivaled Transparency

Beachfront provides full transparency into log-level data files, take rates, and contextual ad placements.