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Key Insights on the State of CTV Advertising

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Experts from leading media companies, agencies, and ad tech partners share their thoughts on the CTV advertising experience. 

Over the summer, Beachfront and Beet.TV teamed up on a ten-part thought-leadership series exploring the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in connected TV advertising. Featuring experts and thought-leaders from the likes of MediaOcean, Univision, Fubo, and more, the series — which can be viewed in full here — focused on the critical role of the viewer ad experience in CTV.

A brief highlight reel from the series can be found above, while we’ve also clipped five key segments featuring insights from the speakers who graciously lent their time and perspective. View all five, below:


1) CTV Ad Experiences: Bringing the Viewer to the Forefront

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Executives from Univision, FuboTV, E.W. Scripps, and Beachfront detail the important role of the viewer ad experience in CTV — describing how publishers are balancing ad monetization with the user experience.  






2) Inventory Transparency: The Key Role of CTV Content Metadata

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Leaders from Dentsu, Viant, and 84.51 share why program-level metadata and inventory transparency are key to shifting share from linear TV to CTV. 






3) Convergent TV: Making Traditional TV & Connected TV Interoperable

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Convergent TV brings the best of traditional and connected TV together. Speakers from MediaOcean, DirectTV, and Beachfront describe the promises, benefits, and progress being made toward convergent TV ad buying. 





4) Paradigm Shifts: How CTV Ad Sales are Evolving

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Experts from Beachfront, Univision, and Fubo detail how unified decisioning technologies are helping programmers manage direct and programmatic ad sales in concert as budgets continue moving to CTV. 






5) Looking Ahead: Predictions for TV & CTV Advertising

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What’s in store for the future of TV and CTV advertising? Industry leaders from Viant, Dentsu, E.W. Scripps, Beachfront, Univision, Fubo, and MediaOcean offer their predictions:






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