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Achieving Advertising Success in the Vibrant (and Fragmented) CTV Landscape


The rise of ad-supported streaming continues to provide media buyers and sellers with new opportunities to reach, influence, and win connected TV (CTV) audiences.

According to eMarketer, CTV ad spend in the U.S. is set to exceed $35 billion in the next three years. While much of the focus to date has been on the media behemoths, CTV and streaming boast a vibrant advertising ecosystem that offers limitless content options to viewers and more open, programmatic access to advertisers. 

To provide insight on the latest opportunities, dynamics, and challenges in CTV and streaming advertising, Beachfront’s VP Head of Demand, Katie Long, recently joined a lively panel discussion at Advertising Week New York. Long provided an in-depth look at how media buyers and sellers of all kinds are navigating the vibrant, expanding, and fragmented CTV ad landscape alongside industry leaders from Strategus, Spectrum Reach, MiQ, and VAB. 

In case you missed the session, an on-demand version is available above. If you have follow-up questions from the discussion, or if you’d like to learn more about how Beachfront is helping media buyers and sellers achieve advertising success in CTV and streaming, please reach out to us here: