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Key Insights from Beachfront's CTV Marketplace in H2 2022

H2 2022 Insights from Beachfront's CTV MarketplaceThe CTV advertising industry experienced impactful and lasting change during the back half of 2022. Streaming viewership surpassed cable television for the first time. Key industry players launched ad-supported streaming tiers. And free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) consumption continued to rise. 

Beyond these major headlines, there were a number of other significant developments that shifted the CTV advertising landscape in H2 2022. To shed light on these developments, we’ve compiled a handful of key datasets and insights from Beachfront’s CTV Marketplace that capture trends within the second half of last year.

Download your copy of the report for in-depth analysis on select areas of the dynamic CTV ad market, including a look at how:

  • More brands dove into CTV advertising
  • Contextual transparency improved in CTV
  • Roku and set-top boxes paced the OS pack