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The Future of Data & Media Buying – A Conversation at Brand Innovators


Industry leaders from Beachfront, Inspire Brands, Nielsen, and Reticle AI discussed the future of CTV media buying and data-driven advertising with Brand Innovators.

According to recent forecasts from GroupM, roughly $320 billion will be spent on advertising in the U.S. throughout 2023, with more than $65 billion going to TV and professional video alone. Behind these staggering figures, however, the media buying industry is in the midst of navigating transformative change and accelerated technological disruption. 

Cookies are going away. First-party data and contextual insights have become more important. Walled gardens persist. And brands of all sizes are using TV and CTV to accomplish objectives that span all parts of the marketing funnel — from driving broad reach and brand awareness to lower-funnel performance metrics and specific business outcomes.

To shed light on these evolving industry dynamics and opportunities, Beachfront’s VP, Head of Demand, Katie Long, recently spoke during Brand Innovators’ Spring Media Buying Summit at GroupM. Joined by leaders from Inspire Brands, Nielsen, and Reticle AI, Long shared her insight and expertise on the future of CTV media and data-driven advertising during a lively afternoon panel discussion. If you missed the session, an on-demand version is available above, as well as on the Brand Innovators YouTube hub, here

If you have any follow-up questions, or if you’re interested in learning more about how Beachfront is helping media buyers capitalize on new opportunities in CTV media and data-driven advertising, please reach out to us here: