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Ad Supported Growth Deep Dive: The Keys To Building & Monetizing A Loyal Audience


With the SVOD market maturing, the rush towards ad-supported streaming services is in full gear. How are media owners managing rising engagement levels to build loyal audiences and drive inventory monetization? 

Connected TV is entering its next phase of growth, and as it does, subscription fatigue is starting to kick in. Sign-ups for ad-supported tiers of premium streaming services grew considerably in 2021, according to MediaPost. What’s more, Disney+ has announced plans to introduce an ad-supported tier in late 2022 — joining Peacock, HBO Max, and others — while Netflix recently remarked, “never say never,” when asked about the potential of introducing ads. 

As consumers increasingly look to free or low-cost ad-supported options to complement their subscriptions, competition among FASTs and AVOD services is growing fierce. Amidst these trends, where do opportunities for growth and differentiation lie? How are media owners and distributors managing growing levels of engagement to drive audience loyalty? How can advertising inventory be most efficiently managed to monetize increasing viewership while delivering pristine ad experiences? 

To answer these questions and more, our Head of Partnerships, Tom St. John, recently joined Xumo’s Fern Feistel, TiVo’s Walt Horstman, and Crackle Plus’ Jason Schaeffer for a lively panel discussion at the February StreamTV Growth Summit. Drawing on first-hand experience operating in the Connected TV space, the panelists shared their insights, perspectives, and best practices for building and monetizing a loyal audience during the “Ad-Supported Growth Deep Dive” session, which is available for on-demand viewing above. 

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