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Beachfront Announces New Set-Top Box VOD Programmatic Advertising Capability For MVPDs


Beachfront Announces New Set-Top Box VOD Programmatic Advertising Capability For MVPDs

New Technology Delivers Modern-Day Demand Partners, and Creates New Programmatic Sales Channel for MVPDs’ VOD Inventory

NEW YORK — April 18, 2019 —  Beachfront today announced its new MVPD-side technology stack to monetize set-top-box VOD inventory, becoming the de facto programmatic video advertising platform for multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs). Beachfront streamlines VOD and OTT advertising, creating net new revenues for Publishers and MVPDs.

Today’s news marks a renewed emphasis for Beachfront on TV advertising, plugging MVPDs into the modern demand-side of programmatic OTT ad buyers, and creating a new real-time biddable sales channel to unlock revenue from historically undervalued set-top-box VOD inventory.

“This new VOD product is more than a decade in the making. We’ve invested heavily over the years to develop what is now a turnkey system for MVPDs,” said Beachfront CEO Chris Maccaro. “And with an immense amount of complicated development work behind us, we’re pleased with how smoothly our new product was integrated with one of the top MVPDs in the U.S.”

Today’s news marks the expansion of Beachfront’s OTT programmatic technology into linear TV and VOD via a direct integration with a top 10 MVPD. For the first time, Beachfront is providing the cable industry with the ability to execute dynamic ad insertion (DAI) in the VOD environment, in real-time, that plugs directly into the modern demand-side of digital OTT.

Added Maccaro: “Set-top box VOD inventory is some of the highest value inventory in media. We can now offer the market VOD advertising that is easy to buy, fast to market and optimized for a better home viewing experience. Longer term, we aim to impact addressable linear, unifying inventory and impacting ad sales across the MVPD’s stack.”

Beachfront’s engineering team is fluent in traditional cable and digital advertising tech stacks, with the company’s founder and president, Frank Sinton, responsible for spearheading Beachfront’s technological prowess for more than ten years.

“Crossover technical strategies bridging TV and digital advertising have proven difficult to execute,” said Sinton. “Now, VOD dynamic ad insertion can easily plug into programmatic advertising channels, enabling VOD to live up to its commercial promise.”

Sinton continued: “We’re breathing new life into VOD DAI, enabling it to scale the same way as CTV programmatic. Now that we’ve cracked the engineering code for MVPDs, we can provide cable companies with the opportunity to enable any advertiser to set a TV campaign live, and have it deliver on a TV show in a legacy set-top box VOD environment in real-time.”

Via direct MVPD-side integrations, Beachfront empowers ad buyers to purchase across VOD, linear and OTT, with one buy and one set of metrics.

As Digiday reported in December 2018: For ad buyers, cable video-on-demand remains disappointing. MVPDs know they have bigger revenue opportunities abound in set-top box VOD, but millions of dollars are still left on the table. Beachfront’s new product makes this undervalued inventory more accessible to demand-side programmatic partners.

About Beachfront

Beachfront is a programmatic video advertising platform. For over a decade, the New York-based company has helped big media, CTV publishers and MVPDs generate new premium revenue channels that outperform the industry. Beachfront is integrated directly into MVPDs, vMVPDs, and CTV publishers and connects them into the modern demand-side, unlocking new real-time programmatic sales channels for TV content, and empowering ad buyers to purchase across VOD, linear and OTT, with one buy and one set of metrics. For more information, visit