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Beachfront Releases Second Installment of CTV Marketplace Insights Report, Providing Clarity on the State of the Industry Amidst New Challenges

Report sheds light on the latest trends and developments in the rapidly growing CTV and OTT advertising industry

NEW YORK, August 30, 2023 -- Beachfront, the sell-side ad server built for convergent TV, today released the second installment of its CTV Marketplace Insights Report, providing valuable insights into the rapidly evolving connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) advertising landscape.

The report dives deep into the first half of 2023, a period marked by economic uncertainty and shifting industry dynamics. Despite the challenges, the report highlights the continued growth and adoption of CTV advertising among media buyers, as Beachfront’s CTV Marketplace saw an increase of nearly 4% in the number of advertisers investing in CTV compared to the second half of 2022. This demonstrates the growing appeal of CTV as a powerful, accessible medium for reaching highly-engaged audiences.

“The CTV and OTT advertising landscape is evolving rapidly, as viewership continues to grow and media buyers shift their investments into AVOD and FAST ecosystems,” said Amit Nigam, VP of Product at Beachfront. “Our CTV Marketplace captured a number of interesting and recurring trends in the first half of this year, and our hope is that the insights provided here help to bring greater transparency and clarity to the industry during a period of such transformative change.”

Notably, the report uncovers a surge in advertising investment from the consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector, including Food & Drink and Style & Fashion brands, as supply chain conditions improve and expanding retail media networks tap CTV as an essential offsite medium. In contrast, Technology & Computing brands saw a decline in CTV investment.

Regarding contextual transparency, the report highlights significant improvements in bringing greater insights and visibility to CTV ad buying. Beachfront’s CTV Marketplace captured genre signals on over 80% of delivered impressions in H1 2023, indicating substantial growth compared to previous periods. The top genres for ad buying were Comedy, Drama, Documentary, and News, reflecting the varied and expansive content offerings available on CTV platforms.

Additionally, the report reveals shifting CTV platform rankings, with Roku maintaining the majority share of ad impressions at nearly 40%. Other platforms, including Fire TV, Samsung, LG, and VIZIO, also gained substantial ad delivery shares. Interestingly, there was a slight decrease in set-top box impression share, indicating the growing popularity of streaming platforms among advertisers and viewers.

Looking ahead, Beachfront anticipates increased access to CTV for brands of all sizes, continued expansion of CTV programming across various genres, improved contextual transparency, and continued growth of CTV devices in connected homes.

To access the complete second installment of Beachfront’s CTV Marketplace Insights Report, visit or contact for more information.

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Beachfront is the sell-side ad server built for convergent TV. Our technology enables real-time, unified ad serving and monetization across all TV and video endpoints, including connected TV (CTV), set-top box VOD, spot linear, and national addressable television. Leading media owners, programmers, and distributors, such as AMC, CW, Dish, LG, Pluto, Univision, Vevo, and VIZIO, utilize Beachfront’s TV-first tech stack to drive advertising revenue, improve ad operations, and deliver premium ad experiences to their viewers. Founded in 2007, Beachfront is an independent, private equity-backed company based in New York City. In 2017, former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, through her investment firm PSP Partners, acquired a majority stake in Beachfront along with Growth Catalyst Partners. Learn more at

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