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Chris Maccaro

Chief Executive Officer

Richard O'Connor

Chief Financial Officer

Laura Wu

Head of Strategy & Operations

Tom St.John

Head of Partnerships

Katie Long

Head of Demand

Amit Nigam

Vice President, Product

Marni Rommel

Vice President, Business Development

Richard Shea

Vice President, Engineering

Alex Podmasteriev

Principal Engineer

Daniel Church

Head of Advanced TV Product

Silvia Abreu

Head of Product

Udit Agarwal

Lead Backend Engineer

Jim Ausanio

Business Development Manager

Daniel Beacham

Senior Front End Engineer

Matthew Brown

Senior Publisher Account Manager

Caroline Cheung

Account Manager, Demand Partnerships

Michelle Cheung

Associate Product Manager

Jeanne Fleigle

Senior Accountant

Ian Fuller

Director of Marketing

Ayelet Hecht

Director of Enterprise Accounts

Colin Herbst

Account Director, Demand Sales

Courtney Killwey

Marketing Associate

Kelley Lipski

Account Director, Demand Sales

Chad Lloyd

Account Manager, Demand Partnerships

Rob Manjrawala

Senior Director, Publisher Account Management

Christopher Monaco

Publisher Account Manager

Riley Mulhall

Account Manager, Demand Partnerships

Thomas Muzeni

Director of Demand Partnerships

Tom Paternoster

Account Director

Anirudh Perugu

Software Engineer

John Salis

Software Developer

Scott Weinberg

Account Manager

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