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Convergent TV, Unified.

Built to simplify today's fragmented TV landscape, Beachfront’s Unified Decisioning Engine enables unified ad management and decisioning across demand sources, inventory platforms, and creatives.

Leading media owners and programmers use the technology to drive stronger revenue and yield for their inventory, while improving advertising operations and viewer experiences. 


Buyer & Marketplace Management

Buyer & Marketplace Management

Optimize demand relationships by adding and prioritizing your SSP, direct-sold, and DSP deals against robust ad mediation settings.

Inventory Curation & Management

Inventory Management & Curation

Easily manage your inventory shares on a channel- or content-basis for complete monetization management with your partners.

Creative Management

Creative Management

Deliver an engaging ad experience by controlling for deduplication, competitive separation, and ad adjacency with highly-accurate creative validation. 

Powering the convergent TV landscape

Freebie TV-1

Premium CPMs

See how Freebie TV drove a 3.5x increase in fill rate, and an 8x growth in eCPM yield, using our Unified Decisioning technology to deploy ad podding.


Addressable TV

Explore how our Unified Decisioning technology is powering addressable TV ad executions that meet the Project OAR specification.


Optimal Ad Breaks

Learn how our tech "puts the effectiveness of CTV ad pods into context, helping build more optimal pods for marketers and consumers alike."

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