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Sell-Side Ad Decisioning, Built for Convergent TV.

Beachfront’s Unified Decisioning technology enables media sellers to unify ad mediation and decisioning across an expansive number of sales channels, including direct-sold deals, DSPs, and SSPs.

Built on Prebid Open Source Server-to-Server (S2S) connections, Unified Decisioning supports header bidding across all major TV platforms, including connected TVs (CTV), set-top boxes, and linear addressable environments. Media owners and programmers use the technology to drive stronger inventory yield, while enhancing ad operations and viewer experiences.

Buyer & Marketplace Management

Optimize Demand

Easily add and set auction priorities for your direct-sold, DSP, and SSP deals to drive inventory yield.
Ad Pod Management

Enhance CTV Ad Inventory

Create pristine ad breaks with configurable pod- and slot-based settings, including competitive separation rules and inventory splits.

Deliver Premium Ad Experiences

Deliver Premium Ad Experiences

Delight viewers with pleasant advertising experiences by controlling for ad duplication, frequency, and creative wearout. 

Success Stories

Freebie TV-1

Freebie TV

See how Freebie TV drove a 3.5x increase in fill rate, and an 8x growth in eCPM yield, using our Unified Decisioning technology to deploy ad podding.

International Media Owner-1

International Media Owner

Learn how an International Media Owner drove significant lifts in CTV revenue, CPMs, and fill rates across geographies using Beachfront Unified Decisioning.