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Interoperable Ad Serving, Built for CTV and TV

Beachfront’s Ad Server enables media sellers to manage and service their direct-sold CTV and video ad campaigns with intuitive creative management, pacing, and tracking tools.

Interoperable across digital video, CTV, and set-top boxes, Beachfront’s Ad Server includes support for podded inventory and advanced creative review. Leading media owners and programmers use the technology to fulfill their direct-sold campaigns in earnest, while tapping Beachfront’s marketplace (SSP) for additional demand, resulting in greater inventory yield.


Manage Ad Campaigns

Store, schedule, and serve advertiser creatives to easily manage and execute direct-sold campaigns. 

Ad Pacing

Ensure Proper Pacing

Manage high-volume throughputs by setting rules for campaign objectives — including impression limits, pacing by time frame, and frequency caps. 

Ad Tracking

Track Key Metrics

Track key campaign metrics and apply third-party tags to ensure direct-sold deals are fulfilled and delivered against advertiser objectives. 


Hear from our partners

"Being able to scale our ad business across our traditional cable VOD and IPTV platforms are crucial to TV One’s growth. And having great software and service like this optimizes our ad revenue possibilities."

~ John Fant, SVP Network Operations, TVOne