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Ad Pod Management

Reduce ad platform fragmentation

  • Deploy a single TV-first tech stack covering all aspects of the supply chain.
  • Manage all direct-sold deals and TV PMPs in a unified platform.
  • Eliminate data loss and migration inefficiencies.
Inventory Curation & Management

Seamlessly execute inventory splits

  • Manage inventory allocations across various distribution partners and platforms.
  • Specify allocation targeting criteria — including by pod, bundle, platform and geography — for efficient inventory rights management.
  • Tightly couple rights management with your decisioning engine.
Logs & Debug Data

Diagnose and mitigate errors in real-time

  • Gain cross-sectional insight through unified reporting.
  • Drill into detailed request-response data to uncover and troubleshoot delivery issues on the fly.
  • Review top-line inventory health reporting to keep a close eye on performance and reliability.

Revenue Suite

Manage direct-sold deal and private-marketplace demand together to maximize the value of every ad spot and impression.

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Premium Ad Experiences Suite

Deliver relevant and engaging ad experiences — from individual creatives and commercial breaks to your entire media footprint.

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