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Buyer & Marketplace Management

Drive higher yield across your TV inventory

  • Access real-time demand from market-leading DSPs, SSPs and agencies in parallel to your direct-sold deals.
  • Efficiently manage all of your deals and partners under one platform.
  • Monetize premium TV inventory through private marketplaces (PMPs).
Slot-based Settings

Maximize the value of every ad slot and impression

  • Customize the mechanics and business rules associated with your inventory auctions.
  • Better manage decisions within and across full ad breaks. 
  • Enable metadata transparency and content signals to drive demand.
Ad Pod Management

Increase ad delivery reliability

  • Auction full pods at once to fill entire commercial breaks.
  • Reduce bid duplication and mitigate infrastructure failures.
Real-time Yield Reporting

Analyze monetization performance in real-time

  • Analyze topline monetization performance across key indicators in real-time — including revenue, fill, CPMs, use rates, bid density, and more. 
  • Track deal and inventory performance to drive monetization objectives and more accountable, transparent advertising.

Ad Operations Suite

Improve operational efficiency with a single platform that handles everything from inventory allocations to error diagnostics.

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Premium Ad Experiences Suite

Deliver relevant and engaging ad experiences — from individual creatives and commercial breaks to your entire media footprint.

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