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Beachfront is at the convergence of digital media and traditional TV, helping media sellers and owners make sense of it all with its holistic video management platform.

Managing, transacting and monetizing premium video inventory is complicated in today’s ever-changing programmatic landscape. With various screens and ad formats – each with its unique set of standards and technology requirements – it can be challenging to solve for today’s cross-screen advertising needs.

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Only Beachfront enables true real-time buying across all digital and TV platforms, including set-top-box VOD and OTT. Delivering holistic inventory allows media sellers to help their advertising partners reach their audiences regardless of where they watch. 

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Increase yield

Increase Yield

Beachfront’s advanced ad decisioning technology enables the monetization of high-quality inventory that may otherwise go unsold or unnoticed. By unlocking this unique inventory and enabling it programmatically, Beachfront helps media owners optimize yield, drive higher CPMs and increase revenue.

Increase yield

Solve Unique


With its engineering expertise spanning the worlds of digital media and traditional TV, Beachfront is well-suited to address media sellers’ most pressing needs. Leveraging its tech-first, agile approach, Beachfront customizes solutions to solve problems that others cannot.

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“What we're saying is CTV advertising just needs a change. It needs to become more like TV and we need to give these tools to publishers and to advertisers so they can transact this way.”  

– Frank Sinton, president and founder

“These are problems that are commanding more attention but what we really need is disruptive innovation on the sell side — in collaboration with publishers — to fix it rather than always looking to the buy side.”

– Chris Maccaro, CEO

“While the ad industry continues to invest in the $9 billion connected TV (CTV) market that it hopes will bridge the best of television and digital advertising, opening up set-top box VOD inventory provides an inroad into monetizing the $70 billion traditional TV marketplace.”

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