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VMAP Management

Manage viewers’ ad experiences from slots and pods to entire footprints

  • Apply deduplication, competitive separation, and ad adjacency rules to deliver a diverse viewer experience.
  • Set specific duration parameters to control ad loads over the course of a program.
  • Drive ad diversity with customizable auction mechanics that allow for full pods to be sold.
Creative Review

Control every creative delivered across your inventory

  • Manually review creatives bidding on your inventory to ensure they are appropriate for your content.
  • Set always-on blocking and approval criteria to reject specific buyers based on advertiser domain and IAB category.
Viewer Experience

Unlock insight into viewer ad experiences with focused analytics

  • Review viewer experience tree maps to understand the proportion of delivered ads by category and brand.
  • Uncover errors and elements that put ad experiences at risk with detailed reporting.

Revenue Suite

Manage direct-sold deal and private-marketplace demand together to maximize the value of every ad spot and impression.

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Ad Operations

Improve operational efficiency with a single platform that handles everything from inventory allocations to error diagnostics.

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