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Programmatic SSP

Real-Time, Automated Ad Monetization

Beachfront’s Marketplace (SSP) enables media sellers to automate monetization of their traditional TV, connected TV (CTV), and online video (OLV) ad inventory across an expansive set of programmatic demand partners.

Built for the complexities of CTV advertising, Beachfront’s Marketplace (SSP) includes support for enhanced ad pods, normalized content metadata, and advanced creative review. Leading media owners and programmers use the technology to drive revenue by packaging inventory in various deal structures, including via open auction, private marketplaces (PMPs), and programmatic guaranteed (PG) deals.

Demand Partnerships

Access Unique Demand

Tap into differentiated demand in real-time via direct connections to market-leading media buying platforms.

Ad Pods

Enhance CTV Ad Breaks

Construct podded CTV ad requests via structured, dynamic, and hybrid ad pod types — with configurable settings for specific slots.

Deal ID

Create Cross-Platform Deal IDs

Package cross-platform TV and video inventory into a single PMP, allowing buyers to easily advertise across your footprint.