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Beachfront and Amobee

Industry-first Solution for Set-top box VOD

We've built the industry's first solution for real-time, programmatic monetization of MVPD, cable operator, and broadcast network's set-top box video on demand (VOD) inventory. Read more about our work connecting this inventory to modern ad buyers in AdWeek:

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Real-time Buying for Traditional Linear TV

Leaning on extensive experience with cable TV infrastructure and high-frequency ad trading, we brought real-time, programmatic buying to traditional linear spot television. Check out our case study with a leading technology brand for more: 

CTV Ad Pods

A More TV-Centric Way to Transact in CTV

Amid surging connected TV (CTV) consumption, we developed a more TV-centric way to programmatically transact in CTV in launching our Unified Decisioning Engine. 

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