Efficient Advertising

Automation & Transparency

Beachfront is at the convergence of digital video and traditional TV, delivering unique and diverse inventory across all screens to help advertisers, media buyers, and agencies drive greater efficiency and ROI.

As media consumption fragments, understanding how and where to reach your audience is more important than ever.  Whether trying to engage with consumers on traditional channels, via mobile apps or through a variety of other streaming options, advertisers must be able to quickly deliver impactful campaigns to audiences – reaching them at the right time, in the right context and with the right message.

Extend Reach

Across Screens

Only Beachfront delivers true, real-time programmatic buying across all digital and TV platforms. Having programmatic access to audiences, including set-top-box VOD viewers, means advertisers can now reach consumers in places they could not before.

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Gain Real-Time Transparency Into Ad Delivery

To foster transparency and eliminate wasted ad spend, Beachfront provides bid-level analytics in a real-time interface. These granular, cross-screen insights help advertisers ensure quality delivery of their campaigns, regardless of where the inventory runs.

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Ensure Quality,

Brand-Safe Delivery

Beachfront delivers premium video inventory that’s free from fraud, viewable and brand safe. Through our partnerships with leading verification providers, such as Moat and WhiteOps, advertisers can avoid waste by ensuring ads are delivered in quality environments.

"If Facebook pulls off moving into living rooms successfully, they have true cross-screen video selling and addressable advertising at scale."

– Frank Sinton, president and founder

"Selling ads with the Trade Desk and DataXu is a smart move by Amazon. It increases demand for the content owners within the platform."

– Chris Maccaro, CEO

Likewise, ad requests across CTV devices have increased 1,640% year-over-year, per data from independent video supply monetization firm Beachfront.

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